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The Loa

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Illidan and the Illidari

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Full show notes here!

Full show notes here: As mentioned in the episode, full show notes will be available on our website fr...


Planting some dragon seeds so that we can go into a lot more about dragons in the future! The Reel Debaters: Music Kevin MacLeod incompete...


We're finally getting into the elves as a whole, along with the tensions aplenty. Drag in the Peg Music Kevin MacLeod incompetech.comLicensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution...

Happy Winter Veil everyone! I hope you all enjoy this one-shot! Part of me still can't believe I convinced Bam-Bam to actually play Dungeons and Dragons, so please please enjoy. Th...

The Death Knights

It's time we talked about Death Knights, partly because I needed to in preparation for our 1 shot later this month, but also because I knew Bam-Bam would like Death Knights Beaver ...

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